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Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Moon Lau, and Mark Ma Celebrates 20th Anniversaryof TVB Fairchild Fans Party

Every spring, TVB Fairchild Fans Party, hosted by Fairchild Television, brings TVB stars from Hong Kong to meet with fans in Canada. This year, as the event celebrates its 20th anniversary, TVB’s most promising new talents Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Moon Lau, and Mark Ma made their debut appearance in Canada, ready to ignite a dazzling evening with fans in Vancouver.

The party commenced with a special video showcasing memorable moments from the past 20 years, setting the stage for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. Having welcomed over sixty celebrities to Canada, the Party was emceed by Mary Lo and Mandy Chan, who have respectively helmed the program for 13 and 16 years, marking their growth all along. Following the opening remarks, the four idols made an entrance one by one to greet the audience as the evening was unfolded live on Facebook by Fairchild Television, allowing fans worldwide to join in the excitement.

This year, classic games were re-enacted from past editions, with guests enthusiastically participating. The first game tested participants' observational skills as the artistes teamed up with a member of the audience to identify clues from TVB drama clips. The teams with the most correct answers emerged victorious, they all tied, requiring a tiebreaker challenge. In the final challenge, teams had to creatively come up with a title for a funny drama poster, with the audience acting as judges, resulting in a tie and joyous celebration for all. The second game, “Fans Party Ping Pong Pass” emphasized teamwork and quick reflexes as participants passed table tennis balls from start to finish using tubes tied around their bodies. Owen has won the game using his spectacular skills with his attentive audience partner. The last classic game, “Toilet Paper Roll”, required both luck and strength. Despite two setbacks, Moon managed to clinch the championship in the end!

In addition to the excitement of the games, the entire event was enlightened by performances from the four stars, showcasing their singing talents. Mark, with over 17 years in acting, manifested exceptional singing skills with renditions of “Remembrance” and “Together”. Moon, whose extraordinary singing talent is considered to be overshadowed by her outstanding acting skills, captivated the audience with her sweet voice when she performed “Fly with me” and “Weather”. Katy, famous for her versatility, delighted fans with her “the girl next door” image, performing “Next Queen” and “At Least I’ve Got You” and interacted with them on stage for a sing-along. Closing the event, Katy's on-screen partner Owen, known for his excellence in acting and singing, delivered lively performances of “When Time Comes” and “Love is You”, infusing the audience with infectious energy.

At the finale, the four idols invited lucky audiences to join them on stage for selfies, expressing gratitude for their support and admiration. With a series of electrifying performances and heart-warming interactions, the event left a lasting impression on attendees, as the stars prepared to fly to Toronto the next day to meet with fans on the East Coast.

TVB Fairchild Fans Party will be broadcasted on April 28th at 9:00pm on FTV 1, and on May 5th at 5:00pm and 9:50pm on FTV2. To learn more about the stars’ upcoming plans and behind-the-scenes of the Party, be sure to tune in to “Fans Party Special Interview Program” on May 4th and 11th at 8:30pm on FTV1.

Emcees Mary Lo and Mandy Chan

Artistes appeared on stage

the stars teamed up with the audience and played games

the stars presented gifts to lucky audience and took selfies

Mark manifested exceptional singing skills

Moon captivated the audience with her sweet voice

Katy delighted fans with her “the girl next door” image

Owen, delivered lively performances, infusing the audience with infectious energy

The stars selected a few lucky fans from the crowd for a group photo onstage

Big group photo

TVB Fairchild Fans Party Press Conference and Autograph Session

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, TVB Fairchild Fans Party welcomes the most promising new talents Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Moon Lau, and Mark Ma to their first-ever meeting in Canada with their devoted supporters. Once the plane touched down in Vancouver, the four beloved idols immediately headed to Aberdeen Centre to attend the TVB Fairchild Fans Party Press Conference and Autograph Session, a memorable and up-close experience not to be missed by any of their loyal followers. To ensure our global audiences could enjoy the festivity together, Fairchild TV also live-streamed on our social media platforms.

Hundreds of enthusiastic fans had gathered at Aberdeen Centre, eagerly awaiting the chance to meet their favorite artistes in person. Greeted by thunderous cheers in an electrifying atmosphere, the stars immediately owned the stage to engage with the crowd. The four took turns signing autographs on the backdrop featuring their images and chatted with the host Mary Lo about recent happenings.

Mark, reflecting on his childhood visits to Canada, was thrilled to feel the sunny weather and the heartwarming reception from Canadian fans. Moon, the third runner-up of Miss Hong Kong 2013, was welcome by screams of excitement from her admirers, some held up copies of her photo book in support. An embodiment of beauty and intelligence, Moon enjoyed checking out schools and art galleries and was anticipating a mesmerizing cherry blossom photographic tour on the picturesque streets of Vancouver.

Katy, known for her versatility in portraying various roles on screen, teased fans with hints of her upcoming surprise performance. She was eager to embark on a culinary journey in Vancouver and have a taste of the best dishes from popular restaurants. Katy was pleasantly surprised when fans presented her with a traditional Chinese calligraphy brush painting created using her Chinese name. Meanwhile, Owen, a veteran of TVB Fairchild Fans Party expressed his excitement at finally meeting fans in person and was prepared to move the audience with his singing prowess.

Lucky fans were selected to receive the last few coveted tickets to the TVB Fairchild Fans Party. To conclude, Mr. George Lee, President of Fairchild Media Group, presented commemorative Canadian gifts to the guests, wishing them a successful performance. Another highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the moment when autographed pictures were handed out to fans waiting patiently for hours. The personal touch was precious and emotional. With the countdown in full swing, everyone is looking forward to a joyous and memorable event tomorrow.

Mark Ma, Moon Lau, Katy Kung and Owen Cheung greeted their fans

The four celebrities autograph on the massive backdrop featuring their huge images

The four stars having light-hearted conversations with emcee

George Lee, President of Fairchild Media Group, presented commemorative Canadian gifts to the guests

Group Photo (Left to right) Mark Ma, Moon Lau, Katy Kung, Angus Yip , TVB USA, Senior Vice President, Television & Streaming, George Lee, President of Fairchild Media Group, and Owen Cheung

The most promising new talents Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Moon Lau, and Mark Ma

Autographed pictures were handed out to their long-waiting fans

Fans presented Katy with a traditional Chinese calligraphy brush painting